CSE in Telford

“Residents are debating whether there should be an independent review into the high levels of CSE in Telford. What do you think?

This is what Pete thinks:

Sadly whats really needed now more than ever is a thoroughly independent inquiry into the CSE in the town, this £250k is nothing but wasted money on a “local investigation”. The whole point, as was identified in the Jay Report was institutionalized failure of the existing multi-agency responses to CSE, from social services through to the Police, Councillors’ and other stake holders, licencing etc.

Any cursory examination of any of Labours’ social media exemplifies the criticisms made in Rotherham towards the the organisational culture being macho and sexist, bullying and when challenged antagonistic and aggressive. Jay’s inquiry held at 13.69″ The existence of such a culture as described above is likely to have impeded the Council from providing an effective, corporate response to such a highly sensitive social problem as child sexual exploitation.”

Clearly there are grounds to suggest this Local Authority may as was the case in Rotherham to be failing its best value duty.

Obviously there are far more issues identified in Jay demonstrable that have been blatantly ignored denoting a systemically flawed culture across all groups employed and elected that may predicate blame being the victims as there here in Telford. There is an obvious connection between the experiences in Rotherham and Telford similar to the rest of the country but the example in leadership of successive administrations in this borough most startlingly reflect a similitude with that of Rotherham’s disgraced Council leader Roger Stone.

Its time to end the white wash and instigate the inevitable independent inquiry that shall provide the only sensible way forward for any credible Local Authority of the borough.”
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