Today’s top question: Supreme Court Ruling on Brexit

Many people have written to me asking whether I will ‘back Brexit’ in light of the Supreme Court Ruling. I supported ‘Leave’ in the EU Referendum and I believe the outcome of that vote marked a new and bright future for Britain. I will continue to support Brexit. The Prime Minister has handled this issue well and we need to get started on the process for the benefit of jobs and business.

There is a further issue, one more important than my own personal opinion. My constituents voted strongly in favour of leaving the EU. I knew what local sentiment was on this issue well before I became an MP. One of the reasons I wanted to represent Telford was that I shared local views and opinions.

Members of Parliament will not vote against Brexit. The people have spoken. We were given a  yes/no referendum and the outcome, although tight, was clear. MPs cannot in good conscience now seek to use Parliament to frustrate the will of the people – that way revolution lies. I respect the outcome of the referendum and the majority of MPs will  do so too.